ISWA World Congress 19-21 Sept. 2016 – Novi Sad, Serbia

 MASTER Congress Centre, Novi Sad, Serbia    19-21 Sept. 2016

The most important expert conference that ISWA organizes is the annual ISWA World Congress. This is an event that brings together in one place and connects all the parties interested in the global problem of solid waste. Every year, representatives of scientific and expert community, representatives of global corporations from this area and political and state officials actively participate in the World Congress. After 30 years, the International Solid Waste Association has, for the first time, entrusted a country from Southeast Europe to organize the World Congress. In 2016, Novi Sad will secure Serbia a proactive role in the global movement that leads to preservation and improvement of our planet.

CWG – WASH Workshop, Ouagadougou

 Ouagadougou    1-5 December 2008

Capacity development and advocacy for improved solid waste and resource management.

Tailormade Workshop on Plastic

 Nijmegen, Netherlands    20 June 2015 till 23 June

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