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Our vision

The CWG aims to achieve fundamental improvements in the approach to solid waste management in low-and middle-income countries, focusing in particular in improved livelihoods and living conditions for the urban poor.

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The Collaborative Working Group or CWG network is a forum of community of practices for interaction in sustainable solid waste management. The idea has encouraged interaction between partners on key solid waste management issues and to provide the opportunity for improving the standards and sustainability of the sector. Most of its focus is in low and middle income countries where waste management is still in dismal conditions with serious public health and environmental impacts. The CWG is best known for a range of publications and the series of international workshops that it has organised approximately every two years since 1995.

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Interesting sessions during ISWA World Congress on European Informal Recyclers.

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ISWA World Congress 2016, in Novi Sad, Serbia

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22 Oct 2018 – 24 Oct 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (ISWA)

Registration is open, with Early Bird Rates until 30 June 2018: please click here.

ISWA World Congress 2018


 Kuala Lumpur
 22-24 October 2018

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